Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Final Countdown

I would love to think about things other than viruses, worms, and fungi, but alas--it's going to be two more days until I get that luxury.

Last exam of the year this Friday.

Integration week (no details on what exactly this entails. some things? all things?) from Monday-Thursday next week.

Then medical school will be one quarter over.  Wow.

Can't wait to look up from the grindstone and think a little more about life since last August.  Soon.  So soon.


  1. I really appreciated your comments and sharing your "letter to yourself" today on CBC "White Coat/Black Art". It reminded me of when I went to the doctor at emerg three weeks ago, having fallen and perhaps sprained or broke my ankle. Dr. came in and said....."well, you busted your ankle!" You know, although at the time I was startled, I now am thankful he didn't say to have fractured medial mallleolus. Serious! It was a totally positive experience, and now I just have to get better. Thank you for sharing your letter, Shara!

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